Energy / Newsletter of 1 Juillet 2019

Akuo Energy unveils its mobile solar plant

Known as the manufacturer of the first floating solar solution in France and the most powerful in Europe, the green power supplier Akuo Energy now has everyone talking about its mobile solar plant GEM: Green Energy in Motion.

Unveiled in late 2018, this 74-kW power generation unit fits within a standard 14-tonne shipping container. Inside the container are tens of meters of panels that are simply towed out onto rails. The 1-MW battery is stored in a second container, and the system can be scaled up simply by adding more containers.

GEM has since been used for events by the La Bascule collective on the brownfield site of the Nantes polyclinic. And Akuo also intends to export its solution to bring power to the most remote regions on the planet. Created in 2007, the supplier already has a presence in 15 countries.



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