What if current changes were opportunities to reinvent our business lines?
Offered on a monthly basis by the Bouygues Construction Foresight and Strategic Marketing Division, Open Up introduces trends and initiatives from around the world. Examples to attract the reader’s attention, sources of inspiration for our projects..


When 3D printing meets plastic recycling ... - Newsletter of 10/2019

​Back in the 1960s, plastic was a real revolution for just about every sector (from building, automotive and electronics, to aeronautics and, in...  

Eco-friendly solidarity projects for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame - Newsletter of 07/2019

  Among the many reconstruction projects for the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, two architectural design themes seem to be trending: a full...  

Why the ecological renovation needs to gain pace - Newsletter of 06/2019

Twenty billion euros per year. That's the potential of the energy renovation market in France, according to the consultants of Echos Etudes in their...  
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