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Offered on a monthly basis by the Bouygues Construction Foresight and Strategic Marketing Division, Open Up introduces trends and initiatives from around the world. Examples to attract the reader’s attention, sources of inspiration for our projects..


First imprinted concrete, and now knitted concrete - Newsletter of 01/2019

A knitted structure capable of supporting five tonnes of concrete? This is the insane project of the inventors behind Knitted Concrete technology. As...  

“Morland Mixité Capitale”, the tallest building in the Réinventer Paris competition - Newsletter of 12/2018

It's one of the most prestigious sites in the Réinventer Paris competition. The former site of the Paris Prefecture at 17 boulevard Morland, just...  

Wood Up Tower, a wooden tower building for Paris - Newsletter of 12/2018

At the heart of the 13th arrondissement in Paris, Wood Up Tower, constructed from timber, will be unveiled in 2021. Initiated by the property...  
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