What if current changes were opportunities to reinvent our business lines?
Offered on a monthly basis by the Bouygues Construction Foresight and Strategic Marketing Division, Open Up introduces trends and initiatives from around the world. Examples to attract the reader’s attention, sources of inspiration for our projects..

Industry report

Industry is a rapidly changing activity. After the development of the steam engine and mechanisation, then electricity and finally automation, the world of industry is on the cusp of a fourth revolution: digital technologies are being integrated with industrial processes. 

Industry 4.0 in Germany, Industry of the Future in France or Industrial Strategy in the United Kingdom: these terms describe the same vision of an industry that is a vector of innovation, progress and growth, able to resolve current issues such as the destruction of jobs, the loss of competitiveness, and difficult working conditions.
The evolution of technology enables a convergence between the real world of industrial installations and the virtual world of the Internet and information. The networking of machines, of products and of individuals makes factories smart, connected, flexible and ready to meet current and future challenges: 
An increasingly short product development cycle, increasingly complex and customised products generating a very large volume of data, increasingly stringent social and environmental constraints.
It is to this activity that we wished to dedicate the first special report of OpenUP. You will discover an overview of the trends at work along with benchmark factors, a focus on two approaches implemented by institutional and private players on the Saclay plateau to support manufacturers in their transition, an example of Bouygues Construction’s expertise in the field, as well as the point of view of Philippe Chey, Director of the Industry and Nuclear Unit at Bouygues Energies & Services, on the future of the industry. 


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