What if current changes were opportunities to reinvent our business lines?
Offered on a monthly basis by the Bouygues Construction Foresight and Strategic Marketing Division, Open Up introduces trends and initiatives from around the world. Examples to attract the reader’s attention, sources of inspiration for our projects..

Interview of the month

Thiebault Clément, Research and Development Manager at Bouygues Construction shares his vision. - Newsletter of 09/2018

Why is R&D important for Bouygues Construction, especially today?   Our world is changing very quickly, and we have new challenges to...  

Simon Brouck, property development project manager at Linkcity Île-de-France, tells us about the Eole Evangile triangle project “IF”, a fertile island in Paris. - Newsletter of 07/2018

Can you tell us a bit about the context and ideas behind the fertile island project?   The IF (“Îlot Fertile” – fertile island) project,...  

Stéphane Allaire, chairman of Objenious, tells us about the activities, positioning and the technology from this Bouygues Telecom start-up. - Newsletter of 06/2018

What is the history of Objenious, how was it created and why ?   Objenious was created by Bouygues Telecom in 2016. The IoT (Internet of...  
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