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Medium-size cities: areas which stimulate the local economy

Do we necessarily need to live in a megacity to fully enjoy the modern economy? One would think that major cities in France such as Paris, Lyon or Bordeaux are the ones where people most benefit from job opportunities and economic growth. A recent study by economist Magali Talandier tends to show otherwise.

The economist based herself on consumption flows to explain that medium-size cities such as Vannes, Béthune and Perpignan are prime spots for local consumption. In these cities, the likelihood of buying local products is higher than in big cities and small towns of less than 20,000 people.

The study also shows that despite a slightly higher density of facilities in big cities, medium-sized cities offer comparable diversity. In other words, the services and businesses, along with the cultural, sports and healthcare facilities in medium-sized cities are just as varied as those in big cities. Moreover, the public’s increasing interest and demand for products from short circuits promotes local consumption dynamics in these cities.

As this study shows, these cities provide a good quality of life, and could durably change the way our territories are structured.

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