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These bike-riding entrepreneurs are reinventing their trades and rethinking urban logistics - Newsletter of 07/2019

They are bicycle repair technicians, plumbers, masseurs, window cleaners and even beer brewers! And together they are the “Boîtes à Vélo”. A...  

How can we develop carpooling for the home-work commute? - Newsletter of 06/2019

Every day, some 23.2 million French people leave their homes in order to commute to their workplace, according to the INSEE. And 70% of them do so by...  

Mixed reviews for dockless bike-sharing schemes, according to ADEME - Newsletter of 05/2019

What is the impact on our towns and cities of dockless bike-sharing schemes (i.e. bikeshares with no rental station or docking station)? This is the...  
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