What if current changes were opportunities to reinvent our business lines?
Offered on a monthly basis by the Bouygues Construction Foresight and Strategic Marketing Division, Open Up introduces trends and initiatives from around the world. Examples to attract the reader’s attention, sources of inspiration for our projects..

Resilient cities

“Resilience success stories” - Newsletter of 10/2019

Loos-en-Gohelle, southern Alsace, Detroit ... three stricken regions that have demonstrated exemplary resilience. Only one field trip was planned as...  

Introduction - Newsletter of 10/2019

“I want someone to tell me how we’re going to end emissions growth by 2020, and drastically reduce emissions to net zero by the middle of the...  

“We have an in-built need for growth” - Newsletter of 10/2019

An interview with Sébastien Bohler, doctor in neuroscience, editor-in-chief of Cerveau & Psycho and author of the essay, Le Bug Humain [The Human...  
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